Name: Elite Rank
Price: 5.99 3.00 USD


Commands :

Nickname command (6hr cd)

-You are allowed to change and colorize your nickname to anything you want using /nick (colors only). The nickname still must abide to the server rules. (No NSFW, Racist, Gender discrimination)

/feed (5 min cd)

-Restore your hunger bar instantly with this command

/kit elite (2 days cd)

-Have permission to access Elite set of weapons, tools, and armor


 [Elite] tag display

-This tag will be displayed next to your in-game name in the server

2 homes

-Allows you to set up to 2 homes by using the /sethome command

Color Chat (colors only)

-Allows you to use the in-game "&" color code. For more info, please use /colors in-game

Player Vault

-Allows you to access 1 vault anywhere with /pv <#>

Replay System

-You can now watch the matches you played since eight hours in duels

Changing Time

-Ability to change your personal time using /ptime or using the special quick menu in settings in duels

Increase Key Trade Limit

-Allows you to exchange four keys from the key shop

Joining full servers

-Gives you the ability to join full servers


Some of the perks or commands can only be used in specific servers