Name: Deluxe Rank
Price: 15.99 USD


Inherits all commands, perks, and kits from Elite and any ranks below


Nickname command (6hr cd)

-You are allowed to change and colorize your nickname to anything you want using /nick (colors and format only). The nickname still must abide to the server rules. (No NSFW, Racist, Gender discrimination)


-Condense items into blocks such as ores


-Allows you to craft in a 3x3 crafting grid anywhere without the use of a crafting table

/kit deluxe (3 days cd)

-Have permission to access Deluxe set of weapons, tools, and armor


-Allows you to crawl on the floor


[Deluxe] tag display

-This tag will be displayed next to your in-game name in the server

3 homes

-Allows you to set up to 3 homes by using the /sethome command

Color Chat (colors and format only)

-Allows you to use the in-game "&" color code. For more info, please use /colors in-game.

Player Vault

-Allows you to access 2 vault in anywhere with /pv <#>

Bomber Kit

-Have permission to access Bomber Kit in Kit-PvP

Kangaroo Kit

-Have permission to access Kangaroo Kit in Kit-PvP

Death Effects

-Allows you to have various death effects when you get killed by an opponent

Custom Kit 

-Ability to create your own kit, allowing you to have your own fun type of gamemode in duels


Some of the perks or commands can only be used in specific servers