Name: Celestial Rank
Price: 30.99 USD


Inherits all commands, perks, and kits from Deluxe and any ranks below


/heal (5min cd)

-Instantly restores you to full health

/back (30mins cd)

-Teleports back to your last teleported or saved (death) location


-Allows you to instantly access your enderchest anywhere with /ec

/kit Celestial (4 days cd)

-Have permission to access Celestial set of weapons, tools, and armor


[Celestial] tag

-Have a "Celestial" tag beside your name in the server

4 homes

-Allows you to set up to 4 homes by using the /sethome command

Kill effects

- Allows you to have various kinds of kill effects when the opponent was killed

Mini Events

- Allows you to host a quick tournament for players in duels


Some of the perks or commands can only be used in specific servers