Name: Bionic Rank
Price: 50.99 USD


Inherits all commands, perks, and kits from Celestial and any ranks below



-Allows you to rename items without the use of an anvil. (color only)

/kit Bionic (5 days cd)

-Have permission to access Bionic set of weapons, tools, and armor


-Tells the height base on the sea level (y-axis)


-Tells the direction that you are facing


-Allows you to lay on the floor


[Bionic] tag display

-This tag will be displayed next to your in-game name in the server

5 homes

-Allows you to set up to 5 homes by using the /sethome command

Player Vault

-Allows you to access 3 vaults in anywhere with /pv <#>

Color on Signs

-Allows you to use color on sign (color only)


-Ability to fly in island with /is fly command


Some of the perks or commands can only be used in specific servers