Name: Supreme Rank
Price: 115.99 USD


Inherits all commands, perks, and kits from Ace and any ranks below


Nickname command (No cd)

-You are allowed to change and colorize your nickname without cooldown to anything you want using /nick. The nickname still must abide to the server rules. (No NSFW, Racist, Gender discrimination)


-Allows you to rename items without the use of an anvil. (full access)

/kit Supreme (7 days cd)

-Have permission to access Supreme set of weapons, tools, and armor


-Ability to create various fireworks using command


-Ability to obtain your player head


-Allows you to wear item held on helmet


-Allows you to fly in the server

/fix all (60 mins cd)

-Allows you to use /fix all to restore the durability of all items in your inventory


[Supreme] tag display

-This tag will be displayed next to your in-game name in the server

7 homes

-Allows you to set up to 7 homes by using the /sethome command

Witch Kit

-Have permission to access Witch Kit in Kit-PvP

Rhino Kit

-Have permission to access Rhino Kit in Kit-PvP

Player Vault

-Allows you to access 4 vaults in anywhere with /pv <#>


- Full access to colors on chat, nick and signs


Some of the perks or commands can only be used in specific servers